Online Voting

We provide ballot services for organisations large and small.


TrueVote will manage the voter roll for your online ballot on your behalf. Be confident your organisation's interests are in experienced hands.


Industry leading internet voting delivers a highly secure & anonymous voting process for your organisation.


Ballot results are delivered in a comprehensive and easy to read report at the conclusion of your ballot.

Electronic voting AGMs

TrueVote can manage your Annual General Meeting with:

  • Client AGM Dashboard
  • Live ad hoc AGM resolutions or motions (managed by your Organization) or TrueVote
  • Launch resolutions or motions one at a time
  • Resolutions or motions can be time based with a countdown option
  • Results can be presented as part of ZOOM style meetings
  • Print off and record your results in real time

We Are Here For You

Making the move to electronic voting can be a challenge. Trust TrueVote to manage your ballot needs.

At TrueVote we are committed to providing you with the best service and support, wherever you are.

Competitive Pricing

We never take our eyes away from the big issues like price, reliability, scalability and security.

TrueVote offers incredible value and superior quality by the use of technology driven innovation.

Ballot Services

TrueVote has an extensive range of Ballot Services to get you started today.

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