• Flexible Ballot Options

    Choose from a suite of voter verified solutions:
    Internet, Telephone and SMS
    or a blend of our electoral media instruments


  • Ballot Access for Everyone

    Authenticated compliant options
    tailor made for businesses
    organisations, workforces and communities


  • Independent and Impartial


    Our position of neutrality guarantees
    a trusted election or ballot service
    on behalf of all industries - public & private



  • Complete Transparency


    Audit verifiable voter processes
    designed to meet every aspect
    of your organisations probity standards



  • A Quality Approach

    Our experience and knowledge can
    deliver your ballot with reduced
    costs and resource allocations

  • Privacy and Confidentiality

    With unsurpassed data encryption
    and proven technologies built on a
    secured document management system



TrueVote Australia provide nationwide ballot and election services for all organisations with our modern client managed voting instruments for contestable ballots including; enterprise agreement decisions, board vacancies, protected action ballots and referendums.

An Independent Organisation  Our in-house managed voting instruments are the leading industry standard in ballot management ensuring easy to access, secure and secrecy of voting for everyone with protected data and information transactions housed at our enterprise class facilities.

Outsourcing Advantages  TrueVote ballot and election services transform use of your core operations by providing a significant cost / value benefit and in reducing use of your key allocated resources.

Our Partnerships  TrueVote administer fully managed election services which include: distribution of ballot notifications, a personalised voting services help desk, provision of  results analysis, detailed reports and client monitering access.

Without Bias  Our business conduct is politically neutral. TrueVote is managed by people just like you, adhering to values of integrity and accountability. It is these commitments which are reflected in our culture and practice.  

TrueVote Ballot Services  Our ballot processes are detail/logged for a 360 degree audit trail which is available to our clients for third party verification on demand.

Managed Election ServiceTrust our returning officer to deliver your next ballot. Our experienced voting services are managed to be materially compliant.

Trusted by our clients, we deliver ballots which are valid, binding & uncontested


Delivering compliant electoral solutions for businesses, workforces, community


An affordable client facilitated approach with your people’s voting requirements in our focus


Certified Internet Specialists (CISSP) ensuring voting secrecy & security for all